The Dreaded “C” Word

Oh, the dreaded “C” word.

Despite increasing knowledge about the cause and prevention of cancer and advances in medical treatment, cancer still seems to be quite a taboo subject in society today.

From what I see, people don’t seem to want to discuss or even entertain the subject of cancer until unfortunately faced with it, whether that be through a loved one or a personal encounter with it. I don’t even see much interest in the subject of cancer prevention, which surprises me as preventing disease can be such a simple thing for us all.

And as we all know, prevention is always far better than cure.

I do understand not wanting to talk or think about cancer, or any other disease for that matter. Especially cancer because of such negative and fearful associations with it.

Look at the statistics; Cancer is in our face whether we like it or not and while I do believe conventional medicine has its place in some areas of our health, it doesn’t seem to be doing much for the rates of new cases of cancer or recurring incidences.

According to the Macmillan Statistics Fact Sheet from January 2015:

  • There are now an estimated 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK, rising to 4 million by 2030
  •  The number of people living with cancer in the UK in 2015 has increased by almost half a million people in the last five years

I wanted to share my own experiences of cancer as it is one, if not the main factors that has brought me here today; to study nutrition and it’s effect on our heath, to provide knowledge and guidance to people suffering with any health ailment, not just cancer.

But most importantly, to support those suffering and provide hope because there is so much hope for our health and so much power in our hands to be well and stay well. It has been beyond my comprehension until now but in the last few years, I’ve learned that due to our recent understanding of and continuous studies into Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics, we are discovering that certain foods and nutrients have a direct impact on our gene expression. Therefore what we ingest has the power to silence oncogenes (cancer-causing genes) and increase the expression of cancer-suppressor genes.

Only 5% of all diseases are actually genetic, the rest come as a result of how our epigenetic switches, or tags, (that instruct our cells what to do), respond to how we live. So we can positively affect our own DNA by living a clean and healthy life. 

Isn’t that exciting?!

I have not thankfully, suffered from cancer myself. But sadly I lost my Father to cancer 15 years ago when I was 19 and my Mother has also suffered with it, although she  won that fight and is now cancer free. My Mum now spends a lot of time reading about cancer-fighting foods and uses essential oils regularly. We really believe this plays a huge part in her recovery and subsequent health.

Losing a loved one is always difficult; life-changing, heart-wrenching, gut-aching. Grief can be the loneliest time as no one really knows exactly how you feel and if it’s someone you are particularly close to, the void that is left can feel like an actual whole in your very being. In my case I tried to harden myself to it, I couldn’t cry for a very long time as I was afraid of what might happen if I let go and allowed myself to really feel grief.

So I drowned myself in anything and everything that would temporarily distract from that reality and became very unhealthy in the process, not realising that the spiral would only ever face downwards. My health suffered and then so did my mentality and it wasn’t until I focused on both of these things that I realised how connected they are. When I healed my body with real food and provided my body with living nutrients rather than alcohol and dried flavoured noodles, it was much easier to focus on my emotional state.

I don’t think the sorrow ever goes away completely but in time, you learn to keep living and try to focus on happy memories instead of focusing on loss. I started doing yoga and eating well and two years later, I went to live in the States where I started running regularly. I believe running was another huge turning point in my health and my mental state; the solitude, time with God, freedom, movement, endorphins and the empowering feelings of achieving more with each run was an incredible healer for me.

Interestingly though, I think I’ve struggled more this past year with losing my Dad than any. And I think that is down to my recent learning of nutrition and its effect on our health, how we can heal from disease naturally and all the countless stories I’ve heard from people who have done exactly that…. it’s a bitter-sweet feeling and it stirs my soul. I feel angry and cheated that we didn’t have these options when my Dad was sick, we didn’t have the foresight to seek alternatives to what the doctors were telling my parents. My Dad’s chemotherapy and bag of medicines became bigger, the doses larger and more frequent. And he became sicker and sicker.

When I look back I realise now I watched chemotherapy destroy my Father, every day my sisters and I came home from school. And at that time there was nothing we could do.

There is something I can do now though and that passion is driving me to want to try to save others the same fate. By sharing what I know and what I learn and there is a chance I can spare someone else the sadness of loss as a result of this evil that likes to threaten our health.

Watching the docu-series The Truth About Cancer last year, I found myself sobbing over my computer in an overwhelming wave of frustration that we actually DO have so much power over cancer, and regret that I couldn’t then do anything for my Dad. But I also felt excitement, passion, determination and most importantly hope. We don’t have to suffer a hopeless diagnosis or be afraid of our future. We don’t have to be afraid of cancer and no doctor, oncologist or anyone else can tell us that we do.

There is so much to learn about cancer; what it actually is, how it develops, what it responds to and what it doesn’t. We know that chemotherapy and radiation can destroy cancer cells, but it doesn’t often hit the stem cells; the root of the cancer so we later see it rear its ugly head on people again. It’s what chemo and radiation do to surrounding healthy cells that concerns me.

Cancer is a not a stand-alone disease, it’s a sign and a manifestation that the whole body is sick and suffering. Finding the cause of that sickness and targeting it at its very core is the only true way to healing and lasting health.

I cannot recommend enough watching The Truth About Cancer. There is information contained in these powerful episodes that every family should know.

I also hope to provide information on this blog from my studies and learning which I will always do my absolute best to obtain from science and fact-based research.

Thank you for reading, I wish you the very best in health.


Simple Spirulina Smoothie

Spirulina is a wonderful superfood packed full of nutrients. It’s a cyanobacterium, (blue green algae), and is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids.  As a protein, it doesn’t actually compete with meat or eggs as an example but it is, however, superior to typical plant protein such as that from legumes.  This makes it a great protein option for vegetarians or vegans.
Spirulina is an excellent source of many nutrients; particularly B Vitamins thiamin and riboflavin, and also dietary minerals such as iron and manganese.
It doesn’t exactly have the best taste unfortunately, I would love to find someone who has tasted Spirulina and doesn’t reference it to what must only be pond scum, but nevertheless it is very good for you.
So I drink it, whilst trying to mask the taste as much as possible.
I blended this really simple smoothie with banana, spinach, avocado and ice with one tablespoon Spirulina.


Almond, Cacao & Raisin Power Bites


These moreish little goodies are the ultimate sweet treats if you have a sweet tooth but want to avoid processed sugar.

Chocolate is one of the most loved foods in the world and in recent years we’ve started to learn that in its raw form, it is extremely beneficial to our health. (Yippee!)

Theobroma Cacao is a small evergreen tree that thrives in tropical climates; its fruit provides Cacao, or Cocoa which forms the basis of our much-loved chocolate. Unlike chocolate, which in its processed form can be high in fat and sugar, we can call cacao a superfood thanks to its high nutrient content.

The Cacao bean is incredibly rich in antioxidant flavonoids, fat (healthy fat!), carbohydrates, protein, polyphenols (resveratrol), minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, iron, zinc and potassium, oleic acid which is a heart-healthy essential monounsaturated fat, fiber and vitamins E, B2, B1, B5, B3 and B9.

Cacao Powder has some wonderful health benefits including:

  • Brain function and nervous system – can contribute to the normal psychological function of the brain and provide support to the nervous system.
  • Supports normal muscle function and provides maintenance of bones and teeth
  • Can reduce tiredness and fatigue and support energy and metabolism
  • Contains Resveratrol which activates longevity genes

I made these with almond butter and raisins, raisins because they contain higher concentrations of phytonutrients, but you can make them using any type of dried fruit or nuts. I recently showcased some healthy food for a local charity event and someone told me these power-bites were just like truffles, so they might even make a nice healthy and thoughtful gift for someone instead of giving a standard box of chocolates!

To make these I used:

  • 1 1/2 tbsp Rainforest Foods Organic Cacao Powder 250g
  • Half a jar of Meridian Natural Crunchy Almond Butter 170 g (Pack of 3) – (Way better value to get three if you like Almond Butter as just one from Sainsburys or Tesco is around £4.50 but three from Amazon is only £8.37!)
  • Handful of Raisins or other dried fruit (organic ideally)
  • 1/2 Cinammon
  • 1/2 tsp Nutmeg
  • 2 tbsp of Coconut Milk; like Koko or Alpro, not the kind you get from a can. You want the consistency to be doughy not soggy so go gently with the milk. Start with one tablespoon and add more if the mixture doesn’t bind.
  • Desiccated Coconut

Mix ingredients together then form into small pieces with your hands. Roll in the desiccated coconut and chill for up to two hours before devouring. This will make about ten small bites, depending on the size you want them.

Enjoy your guilt-free sweet delights!

Really Easy Five Bean Chilli


I think many of us love a good chilli and I’m fairly certain we all know how to make it, but did you know how packed full of goodness this delicious spicy dish actually is?

This is one of my favourite meals to make because it takes no time, you can vary it as much as you like, it’s full of goodness and it tastes delicious.

If you have children, you might want to tone down the spice but otherwise, add as much as you can tolerate and enjoy the burn!

I like to make a huge chilli at the beginning of the week then you have lots of options for the week; you can add meat, have it cold with a salad or reheat it with rice or a sweet potato.

I made this chilli with the following beans, vegetables and spices. I chose these beans particularly because they were the organic selection in boxes in the supermarket (I try to avoid canned food wherever possible as canned food contains BPA).

Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Butter Beans
Canelloni Beans
Chick Peas

Vegetables (use Organic where possible)
Two red peppers
One white onion (I prefer red for this but I didn’t have one at home)
Five cloves garlic
One box organic Passata
Two red and two green chillis (with seeds)
Two carrots, chopped

Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper

The Goodness

Vegetables, legumes, herbs and spices, and fruits are excellent sources of important cancer-fighting and anti-ageing phytonutrients and antioxidants.
A couple of examples in this chilli are Capsaicin, which is the active compound of chilli and hot peppers; it helps to protect DNA from damage and is a powerful anti-cancer phytochemical.
Garlic contains Allium Compounds, an important phytochemical with proven health benefits. Studies from China show that people who eat a lot of garlic are protected against stomach cancer, which may be because garlic is able to block the conversion of nitrates and nitrites (found in many preserved foods) into cancer-causing nitrosamines.
Curcumin, the principal curcuminoid of Turmeric, has been regarded as a medicinal herb for thousands of years and is often mentioned as having the ability to kill or prevent a number of cancers including breast, colon, prostate and skin.

We can see with just a few examples the powerhouse of goodness and nutrients packed into just one bowl of one of our easiest and most popular dishes. I hope this encourages you to make it more often.

Healthy Ice Pops for Kids (& Adults!)


As the weather gets warmer, things that naturally seem to become like diet staples are ice pops and ice cream. We Brits spent £81.6m on handheld ice cream in 2014 (the, so we clearly take our frozen treats seriously.
As delicious and irresistible ice creams and ice pops are on a warm summers day, how often do we look at what’s actually in them?
One of my favourite ice pops when I was young was the Calippo, and I can tell you now, I never looked at or probably cared what was in them.

There is only 33% fruit juice in a Calippo, and that is actually reconstituted fruit juice which unfortunately means it does not offer the high nutritional qualities of freshly squeezed juice as most of the important enzymes are destroyed through the process of heating and reconstitution.

The remaining ingredients are cane sugar, glucose, food acid, vegetable gum, flavours and colours.


I’m not here to negate Calippos or indeed, how lovely they might taste, but fortunately, I do have a solution that is not only cheaper but also infinitely more nutritious.

For less than £8, I purchased a set of six Silicone, Food Grade and BPA-free popsicle molds from Amazon, which are an ideal alternative to plastic –

Callippo Silicone Ice Pop Moulds Push Up Lolly Mold

I very simply squeeze the juice of an orange, pop it in the freezer and after about two hours, I have a delicious and nutritious homemade version of a Calippo!


You can fill the popsicle molds with anything; pink grapefruit (slightly sweeter than regular), orange and lemon, blackberry or blackcurrant, pineapple… I prefer to buy the organic fruit and then blend it to create a juice but you could buy organic juice if it’s easier, as long as it’s fresh juice with no added sugar and not from concentrate.
Compared to the ingredients of my childhood favourite ice pop; two homemade freshly squeezed frozen orange popsicles contain the entire amount of vitamin C recommended in a day, along with thiamin, folate, potassium, calcium, fiber and antioxidants. So you can enjoy your homemade sweet frozen treat knowing you are providing yourself and your family a wonderful amount of nutrients that everyone can enjoy.

Healthy & Simple Snack Ideas


I often hear people say they’re too busy to eat healthily, but with so many variations for healthy food these days, it really isn’t difficult to eat well or snack wisely.
Getting out of the habit of snacking on crisps, biscuits, chocolate or cereal bars  can be a challenge initially, but once these things are replaced with healthy, energy-fueling and nutritious foods, it honestly isn’t difficult to give up the less-than-healthy habits.

Raw veggies are always a good option, always. Not only are they a great low-calorie option, vegetables also pack in a ton of nutrients and are essential for our health.
I’ve chosen here;

Cucumber – full of B vitamins and skin-friendly minerals like magnesium & potassium. Cucumber is also great for flushing out toxins and keeping you hydrated.
Celery – known to reduce inflammation, helps to regulate the body’s alkaline balance and is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin K, folate and potassium.
Carrots – rich in vitamin K, vitamin A, folate, potassium, iron and manganese, but most importantly; beta carotene – an antioxidant essential for helping the body fight against free radicals and protect against disease.

These three vegetables pack a powerful punch of nutrients and can all be prepared the night before to make it even more convenient. Try with organic hummus; a healthy protein-packed dip which also contains cancer-fighting garlic and sprinkle with cinnamon, which helps to control blood sugar.

One of my favorite sweet treats in the afternoon if I’m peckish is apples and almond butter. There’s something about this combination of sweet and nutty, with the crisp and tartness of an apple that I find literally irresistible.
Apples are full of polyphenols which function as antioxidants, they also contain fiber and vitamin C. It’s important to eat the whole apple, including the seeds (no, you won’t get an apple tree growing in your belly) as most of the fiber is contained in the skin and the seeds contain vitamin B17, which has been show to fight and protect against cancer.

Nuts are not only delicious, they are packed full of protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids such as a-linolenic acid.

I eat either sliced avocado (which contains very healthy and necessary fats!), or almond butter and sliced apple on oatcakes for a quick and healthy snack if I get hungry before lunch or dinner, which sustains my energy levels and stops my stomach rumbling.

Snacks like these examples are perfect when combined with a cup of Organic Green Tea, which can support a healthy metabolism and most importantly, contains the antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), which studies have shown can reduce the risk of cancer.

Make smart and clean choices about food; eat REAL food and when possible organic. Be kind to your body and it will thank you in return!

Quick and Easy Veggie Lunch


Struggling for nutritious ideas for lunch?
Want a healthy alternative to sandwiches?

Try this gluten-free wrap with smoked tofu & sesame seeds, raw carrots, cucumber, avocado and hummus. It was delicious and took minutes to throw together.

Not only do I love mixing flavors with food, I also love mixing textures and I’m sure I’m not the only one, it definitely makes things more interesting. The crunch of the carrots with the softness of the tofu and avocado was deliciously satisfying.
I used a gluten and dairy free wrap for this, which had the added bonus of containing quinoa, chia seeds and flax seeds for added omega 3.

This is an all-round healthy, vegetarian, protein-packed lunch that won’t cause an afternoon slump by spiking blood sugar and should sustain energy levels for the afternoon.

As always, try to eat organic where possible (easy with the veg and hummus.)
I added some falafel because, well they are good for you and I love them.

So what’s even better than eating fresh raw veggies for lunch? Eating fresh raw veggies while sat outside, if you can. Maximise every opportunity you have for fresh air and sunlight, your body will thank you for it.

Natural After-Sun


We had our first real day of what felt like summer in the UK yesterday.
I was really excited, took all my work outside and sat in the sun for about three hours, basking in the beautiful healing rays and soaking up the vitamin D.
Foolishly though, as I typically don’t wear sunscreen (more on that later), I forgot to regulate my exposure and when I went inside, my shoulders and chest were pink. I wasn’t burned exactly, but definitely pink, which worries me a little as I’m usually good at making sure I don’t burn at all.
I’m two minutes though, I had put together a wonderfully soothing After-Sun Spray and when I woke up this morning, the redness had completely faded.

Here’s what I used:

15ml glass spray bottle
10 drops lavender essential oil (therapeutic grade)
Fill the rest of the bottle with:
1/3 fractionated coconut oil
1/3 aloe vera juice (refrigerated)
1/3 filtered water

Shake to mix ingredients and spray on affected area as needed. Wait to dry before dressing as aloe vera can stain clothes.

I was fortunate I already had all these ingredients as I make a lot of my own products but in an emergency and you don’t have all these ingredients, organic virgin coconut oil (ideally with a few
drops lavender), can make a really soothing balm.

Morning Green – Chlorella Smoothie


Chlorella is one of my favorite superfoods, it’s bursting with nutrients, great for digestion, clear skin and helps your immune system. It’s also detoxifying and can help your liver to remove alcohol, heavy metals and pesticides.

I blend chlorella with filtered water, celery, spinach, cucumber, ginger, a sprinkle of turmeric and a fruit like blueberries or kiwi. I also add flaxseed for an extra boost of fiber, omega-3 and antioxidants. A healthy, supportive and powerful way to start the day.