Hi, I’m Fleur, author of Live Against The Grain and like the title suggests, I’m not a particularly status-quo type of person. My lifestyle seems to reflect my often-unconventional thoughts, I can’t seem to stay in one place for too long and I question everything, which usually means I end up doing the opposite of what is expected of me.

I read loads, especially medical journals, health reports and psychological studies. I’m fascinated with studies on epigenetics and the human microbiome. I’ve recently studied Nutritional Therapy with the Health Sciences Academy, although my background is in recruitment (of course!). Recruitment wasn’t quite my calling, however, if it seemed my candidate really wanted to defer their new job opportunity to go travelling for a year I was too busy telling them how to do that.

I believe that experiences shape who we are, not things and I’m passionate about seeing families thrive naturally and effortlessly with the incredible resources we have at our fingertips. I believe we too easily rely on conventional medicine, putting a bandage on our health problems instead of dealing with the root cause of illness.

I’m disturbed by our growing rates of childhood obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and cancers, and I think our modern, western lifestyle and environment is to blame for much of it. For the first time we are facing a generation that may not outlive their parents, and when I look at my perfect, innocent baby boy that breaks my heart.

But today we are learning so much, we know that our genes are NOT our destiny, we ultimately do have control over our health and how our life turns out. It is in our power to create a healthy next generation. Not only that, it is our most important and vital responsibility.

Any recipes you find here will be gluten-free and often grain-free with the odd oat thrown in occasionally. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder where your immune system attacks your thyroid. So, a lot of my current research and posts are focused on that and how I’m bringing my own health back into balance.

A few personal things about me 

I’m obsessed with Almond Butter. I can’t get enough of it. That whole “what five things would you take on a desert island?” question starts and ends with almond butter, for me.

I’m a huge Formula 1 fan. Growing up, it was on TV every Sunday at my house thanks to my Dad, and now it’s morphed me having a full-on fascination with the cars and the drivers.

I dream about travel and I long to travel every day. I love flying, and for some reason I don’t do very well staying in one place for very long, much to the amusement (or frustration) of my husband. I suppose I am a Bird of Passage at heart.

I’m a Christian, and I have been all my life thanks to my parents. I’m at my happiest when I’m closely following where God wants me to be (although I can’t say I’m always that great at listening to Him).


(Most of the time) I live in a really beautiful part of the English Countryside with my husband, our son and our two very naughty cats.


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