Update on Life and Everything Else 

I haven’t written a post for a long time. A really long time.

Maybe I’ve been a little lazy, a little preoccupied with life (having a baby, moving house, co-managing an expanding business), and a little tired (recently learning I had become hypothyroid after a whole manner of fun symptoms), so I’m allowing myself a few excuses.

I’ve never faced such drastic changes and challenges in my life as I’ve done over this last year. Pregnancy and new motherhood being the most intense and joyful of these, without a doubt.

Our incredible, spirited little boy was born in November last year, a profound moment which drew a line in the timeline of my life that is – before Seb / after Seb. Birth and new motherhood is literally life changing, more so than anyone can ever tell you, more than you can ever really prepare yourself for.

So much has happened this last year, so many experiences I’d like to share about motherhood; my wonderful, healthy, nausea and exhaustion-free pregnancy (yes it is possible!), our breech birth, things that helped me with breastfeeding and getting used to life with a newborn, and easy baby weaning recipes.

I’m also attempting to find the root cause of my recently diagnosed hypothyroidism and my journey back to health beyond the standard “take this medication for the rest of your life” protocol. Lots of reading, research and experimenting so check back in if you find any of this interesting…!

In health and wellbeing,



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