Quick and Easy Veggie Lunch


Struggling for nutritious ideas for lunch?
Want a healthy alternative to sandwiches?

Try this gluten-free wrap with smoked tofu & sesame seeds, raw carrots, cucumber, avocado and hummus. It was delicious and took minutes to throw together.

Not only do I love mixing flavors with food, I also love mixing textures and I’m sure I’m not the only one, it definitely makes things more interesting. The crunch of the carrots with the softness of the tofu and avocado was deliciously satisfying.
I used a gluten and dairy free wrap for this, which had the added bonus of containing quinoa, chia seeds and flax seeds for added omega 3.

This is an all-round healthy, vegetarian, protein-packed lunch that won’t cause an afternoon slump by spiking blood sugar and should sustain energy levels for the afternoon.

As always, try to eat organic where possible (easy with the veg and hummus.)
I added some falafel because, well they are good for you and I love them.

So what’s even better than eating fresh raw veggies for lunch? Eating fresh raw veggies while sat outside, if you can. Maximise every opportunity you have for fresh air and sunlight, your body will thank you for it.

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